BloxDev Coming 2021 Changes to Avatar Catalog Upload Requirements


Early next year, we will be making a change to the upload requirements for custom Avatar Shop items such as shirts and pants. Previously, you were only required to have Premium in order to upload an item to the Avatar Shop.

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With this upcoming change, creators will no longer be required to have Premium, but will instead pay a Robux fee for each item at the time of upload (for t-shirts: when it is first put on sale). The experience will be similar to audio upload, where you will be shown the price and asked to confirm your purchase. The purpose of this change is to discourage item upload abuse and we hope that this will lead to a better Shop experience for both shoppers and creators.

This adjustment comes along with other recent spam reduction efforts (such as the addition of a captcha requirement on some uploads) and we are working on additional features which will improve the clothing market experience as a whole!

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