9 Monkeys of Shaolin


After a long research, our Shaolin Masters have found an ancient artifact that gives incredible power! Thanks to its magical properties, you can go back in time, but leave with you all the gained experience and the items of equipment founded before.

However, be careful! The power of the artifact feeds not only you, but also your enemies. They become stronger and most importantly – more dangerous! The head of the school named this artifact NEW GAME + . If you want to get it, you must show your strength by completing the game on any difficulty.

Features of the mode:
– you keep all the progress of the character obtained in the main mode;
– enemies are getting stronger;
– when replaying, you can open improved versions of weapons in the “golden version”:

It usually takes a

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Well, on top of the cake, there are some small fixes as well:
– fixed bug with dialog in online co-op mode;
– fixed colliders in several levels;
– fixed the jump animation after restarting the level in special boots;
– fixed colliders after restarting the level Naha Street;
– fixed sound of whetstone in the camp.

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