“Throne of Lies: Medieval Politics” goes Free to Play (F2P)!


Indie social deduction game Throne of Lies: Medieval Politics kicks off the holiday season by going Free-to-Play (F2P) on Steam after officially relaunching today at 6pm EST. The F2P relaunch is expected to draw in numerous new players into the genre. Dylan “Xblade” Hunt, developer, emphasizes that the quality of updates will still feel premium as queue times lower.

 on Steam at https://store.steampowered.com/app/595280 .

Throne of Lies is an online social deduction game of investigative and social PvP, enhancing the genre with over 40+ unique classes, 100+ abilities, 3D visuals, vibrant lore, a trial and treason system, multiple evil factions and a conversion system that makes every game contentious until the end; a throwback to the days when friends could gather around the tabletop to betray who they befriend with a hold-in-your-laughter vibe as your friends discover you’re actually the bad guy they’re searching for.

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After years of quality updates since 2017, the game is near-bug-free and robust with quality-of-life features for optimal gameplay. With the rollout of the new v4.0 patch and a lowered learning curve over time, Throne is ready for new faces and a refreshed era of the game with more updates to come.

Imperium42, the developers of the game, is a small studio with only one programmer, hosting one of the first 3D games of the 1986 genre formerly known as Werewolf/Mafia.

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