Unleash your creativity in this sandbox block building mixed with action-adventure game! You play as an astronaut armed with a laser sword and building tools. You will design and build alien style houses for Alien Animals. Defend and help them to stay safe at home during Virus monster invasion.

STEAM Release date: TBA

SWITCH : Release date: TBA

PS5 : Release date: TBA

XBOX : Release date: TBA

IOS : Release date: TBA
android : Release date: TBA

• Explore Planet Purplenus! Visit exotic places and unique regions.

• Help the sick Alien Animals. Discover and cure them using Aura fruits.

• Fight the invaders! Engage in battles and defeat the Virus pawns and bosses.

• Get help from the Summonimals, they will help to remove obstacles and fight the Viruses with their elemental powers.

• Gather raw building materials. They are spread across the planet, go collect them all!

• Let your creativity flow! Build and design your own alien style houses for the Alien Animals.

• Make the Alien Animals happy. Add furniture & accessories to decorate your houses.

• Grow various alien plants. Decorate and beautify your very own alien garden.

• Visit the Alienimal Village. Meet and interact with the friendly villagers.

• Help those in need. The Tribalimals and Dinonimals will appreciate your helping hand.

• Defeated in a battle? Ascend to the afterlife realm with the help of the guardian Angelimal.

• A second chance. Obtain the legendary Holy fruit and consume it to revive.

• Move your body along with the music. Visit the Angelimal Realm and attend their music concert.

• A timeless place. Have a cup of tea and enjoy conversations with the Spiritimals in the afterlife garden.

• Those who live between two realms, stop by the graveyard where the Ghostimals reside.

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