Ylands Enhances Exploration Mode With a new Update Launched Today


Bohemia Interactive has launched a new update for Ylands’ Exploration DLC that brings exciting new features for players. “We reworked and revamped the Exploration experience from the ground up, offering a truly engaging and exciting adventure, in the veins and spirit of what we originally envisioned for Exploration many moons ago.” – Marton Magyar, Ylands Marketing Manager.

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  • Exploration update first phase: the beginnings of the new and improved Explore experience is here; players can now use the brand-new world map to sail to different biomes, where they can explore (and exploit) procedurally generated islands. Ships will now be tied to players so they can use their favorite vessel to explore the high seas.
  • Native Indigenous Items: a whole slew of new assets for both players and creators!
  • Custom bitmaps in the Editor: creators will now have the option to import their very own bitmaps into the game, opening up a brand-new dimension of customization options.
  • Shooting weapon improvements: made major improvements to how bows / crossbows & grenades are handled within the game; make sure you try them out!
  • ….and hundreds of fixes, improvements to every aspect of the game

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