Compete Against Your Online Friends In ‘Trackmaster’ Now On STEAM Offering A Fun Procedurally Generated Racer


Lund, Sweden, December 14th 2020: Indie game developer and publisher Master Technologies is proud to announce the worldwide release of Trackmaster, a fun and challenging casual racing game challenging you to take on your opponents in procedurally generated levels with a dynamic environment featuring unexpected obstacles and surprises! Available today via STEAM™, Trackmaster offers an exciting indie racer suitable to players of all ages and experience levels.

You can compete with your friends in a challenging and sometimes chaotic race and take advantage of collectible power-ups or knock your opponent off the track! Tailor your car with an annoying horn and cool decal, and drive through explosions, take a ride in the loop, and look out for the rotating barrels! The dynamic weather makes for an unexpected game and sudden storms or whirlwinds can be to your advantage. Learning to take shortcuts can make or break a win, and the realistic physics makes the game fun and unpredictable.

It usually takes a
  • Procedurally Generated Tracks
  • Online Multiplayer Racing
  • Dynamic Weather & Water Simulation
  • Large Number Of Track Parts
  • Customizable Vehicles
  • Varying Difficulty Levels

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