Blox Hype Inc world//Zero Discoveries today.

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NOTE TO SELF "Check your not on the server alone before joining the Party "

We went into the game today hoping to Finish world 1 or at least Dungeon 1-4 today in the game. this didn't happen at all we finished the other daily quest we even joined a dungeon party to go to that last dungeon only to find I got whisked off alone.

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NOw I might be new to this game But Im no noob to this type of game this dungeon has about 100 or more and a king crab battle to face to rescue the villager and clear this dungeon but hey I was there and thought to myself why not try we made it to the ship before we were just overcome by a single crab in the end. we will need a larger party to get through that for sure untill then we will continue leveling up.

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