Kyoto based video game developer, Q-Games today announced that PixelJunk™ Eden 2’s soundtrack is now available! As a reminder, fans only have a few days to act to receive a special 34% discount when purchasing PixelJunk™ Eden 2 on the Nintendo Switch eShop

The original soundtrack for PixelJunk™ Eden 2 by acclaimed Japanese multimedia artist Baiyon. PixelJunk Eden 2 is a meditative experience from acclaimed Japanese multimedia artist Baiyon who serves as Q-Games’ Creative Director. Baiyon returns once again to the PixelJunk Eden series to provide his unique vision of art and music in order to create an unforgettable experience that draws players in. This collection features 15 tracks: which includes two remixes from the first PixelJunk™ Eden title, and two bonus tracks.

Fans can listen to the soundtrack on their favorite service here.

PixelJunk Eden 2 Original Soundtrack Track List:

1. Become part of this

2. New eyes

3. 167 ghianda

4. Vent blanc


6. Ocaso en cenote

7. Capricious frog

8. Schatten im licht

9. Vista of a desert bird

10. Snip snip clang clang

11. ~HSL()

12. 637 volpe (Baiyon 2020 Remix)

13. Summer in winter (Baiyon 2020 Remix)

14. Deshielo (Bonus track)

15. Chispas (Bonus track)


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