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Zombie Gamer World // Zero Let's see if we can Complete any of these daily challenges today Only played twice so far but I haven't really completed any task as of yet let see if we can get there.

we actually did Complete todays tasks we are getting the hang of the game now as Level 10 Swords of today we Are up to Elite Boarwolves and Tucans Tomorrow we take on World 1-3 who knows what next we are going to continue with this game having fun as a swordsman and there are many other heroes we can play and level aup

if you have missed our streams catch up )Richard Dambrosi - Jadiri Gamer | Facebook


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Reach World 5 to play The Tower and unlock the Demon class, along with other rare drops like exclusive Eggs!

🌎 Welcome to World // Zero! 🌎
🔥 Choose from 3 starter classes [Swordsmaster / Mage / Defender]
✨ Unlock new classes by collecting Tokens from bosses and quests!
⚔ Fight fearsome bosses for loot in over 16 unique dungeons!
🦊 Collect & evolve pets to fight alongside you!
💎 Upgrade your gear
👑 Collect rare accessories

🏆 2019 Bloxy Award for Best Use of Tech! 🏆

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