Blox Hype Inc World // Zero Just starting this game

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Blox Hype Inc World // Zero Just starting this game yes we just started playing this game yesterday in fact not knowing what it was and we continued playing it a great game so far we are liking this one a lot and feel its time to find a new game to share we are coming nearer to the end of other we have played the last 10 or 11 months.

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Reach World 5 to play The Tower and unlock the Demon class, along with other rare drops like exclusive Eggs!

🌎 Welcome to World // Zero! 🌎
🔥 Choose from 3 starter classes [Swordsmaster / Mage / Defender]
Unlock new classes by collecting Tokens from bosses and quests!
⚔ Fight fearsome bosses for loot in over 16 unique dungeons!
🦊 Collect & evolve pets to fight alongside you!
💎 Upgrade your gear
👑 Collect rare accessorie

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