Visit the inside of your PC in the retro platforming style!


Motherboard is a platformer/platform game in a unique setting. The game world is the interior of the computer, the components of which serve its inhabitants to live worry-free in the digital world. 
The player takes on the role of a Bit – experienced worker, who, just like other people of its kind, is involved in extracting energy created by the laser dragon.

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Motherboard is an action-adventure game, settled inside the computer! Take on the role of the Bit – one of the inhabitants of the motherboard and help him to save the world from viruses!
Main features:

It usually takes a
  • Unique graphic style
  • The action of the game takes place entirely inside the computer
  • Fighting and exploring the world of Motherboard
  • Different opponents – viruses
  • Hostile environment
  • White and laser weapons combat

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