Blox Hype INC. is Going Entering the Void


Blox Hype INC. is Going Entering the Void, the Void is Ghost Simulators newest world on Roblox 5 New Ouest line a new Mega Boss 20 new Mini quests so much More this was a huge update, Ghost simulator is by no means your Ordinary sim game it is far more a full out game with the in-depth Plotline and a host of quests and characters . that have developed before our eyes here in this last year.

Play Now NEW] Ghost Simulator – Roblox

👑 UPDATE 70 👑

It usually takes a
  • New World!
  • 5 New Questlines!
  • 20+ New Mini-Quests!
  • New Vacuum/Pack Set!
  • New Pet & Board Crate!
  • New Limiteds in the Store!
  • … and more!
  • Thanksgiving Event is over
  • Bug Fixes

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