2000 Copies of Line Simulator Donated to the Cork Institute of Technology’s Beyond IoT Conference

Video Games

The 4th annual Beyond IoT conference is being held in January and attendees will be getting a little extra something special, a free copy of Line Simulator! Stracos Labs is doing this as a measure to encourage entrepreneurs and students of the Cork Institute of Technology to embrace the future of VR and AR development. The game was created not just to showcase a funny display of letting players vent their frustrations of line goers, but also to encourage and promote virtual reality development in school.

CEO of Stracos Inc and cofounder of the Beyond IoT Conference (beyondiot.ie), Brandon Donnelly is sending a message that technologists need to come together to have a good laugh and take a collective sigh from the chaos of this year. The game which is offering free DLC to players is not meant to be a revenue generator, but rather was born from the collective efforts of Stracos employees as a passion project.

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