The Forsaken Temple DnD contest in The Wilderness


Core Games The Forsaken Temple DnD contest in The Wilderness incredible Dungeons & Dragons inspired game on Core Enter the little town of Highcliff and unfold the mystery surrounding the recent monsters aggressivity in the area. Fantasy RPG

PLAY NOW [DnD] The Forsaken Temple by Elzean

First, pick your class between mage, warrior and cleric in the "Adventurer Guild" by picking up the corresponding weapon. Later you can also upgrade each class level by interacting with the statue.
Player will auto attack the selected enemy ( so don't forget to select one! )

Best play as a group of 3 with each playing one of the classe.

-Mouse left click = select enemy
-Tab = select nearest enemy

  • 1 = ability 1
  • 2 = ability 2
  • 3 = ability 3

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