Street Wars: Classical deathmatch game


Street Wars Classical deathmatch game this is a new Urban Shooter game on Manticore Games Explore area, collect weapon and defeat your opponents! Submission for Arenas of Combat - Level Design Contest..

Play Now Street Wars by CardinalZebra - Core Games

Community Content used:

  • META Victory Screen By TeamMETA
  • Shoulder Cam Switcher By Chris
  • Old Fashioned Machine Gun By TheHauntedTopHat
  • Health Pack By Anthony
  • Disable mounting By HAndLol
  • Car_wreck_blue By Morezoid
  • School Bus Vehicle By Ripper
    Many thanks to authors!


V1.0.5 - Oct 21, 2020

Update #2 • Rocket Launcher Damage decreased. • Added Victory Screen Update #1 • Added option to switch shoulders ( press left CTRL to switch ) • New weapon: Old machine gun • Max players amount increased to 8 • Added few more light sources ( If it's a still too dark let me know ) • Pistol damage increased

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