Beach Volleyball Time! Azur Lane x DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation Collaboration Goes Live

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Naval shoot-em-up mobile game, Azur Lane has launched the long-awaited Azur Lane x DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation(DOAXVV) Collaboration event. The crossover event will bring girls from the DOAXVV to the Azur Lane world. The event starts from November 26, 2020 (UTC-7) to December 9, 2020 (UTC-7).

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Event Stages and Rewards
Vacation Lane crossover event features four new SP stages, and there are more difficult SP and EX stages for players to challenge. Players can complete missions and collect rewards by clearing and farming event stages. Event Commissions are also available every day during the event. By completing them, players will gain special event rewards including event PT and Gear Skin Box (Venus Vacation).

New Ships, New Skins, and New Furniture Set
There are seven new ships that players can get in the Vacation Lane event, including four Super Rare ships and three Elite ships. Players can also exchange for the Super Rare ship, Misaki and Elite ship Nyotengu freely by participating in the event, while Super Rare ships Marie Rose, Honoka, Kasumi, Misaki, and Elite ships Nagisa, Monica can be obtained through constructions.

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