Oceans Lite Available Now for Free on iOS, Android


Oceans Lite, the digital adaptation of the species building tabletop strategy game Oceans, sets sail today on Android and iOS and is now available as a free download worldwide.
Oceans, part of North Star Games’ Evolution line of games, released this year following a massively successful Kickstarter campaign which raised more than $750,000 USD. Survive in an ever-changing ecosystem by crafting new species of animals. Twelve Surface traits and a huge array of Deep cards representing the unexplored depths of the ocean provide the means to survive and thrive in the harsh underwater environment.

 visit the official website.

Dive into the Deep

The Deep is a additional deck of unique overpowered cards, designed to make sure no two game plays are the same.  The depths carry some magnificent creatures.  

Sophisticated AI

Test yourself against the neural network AI opponents.  It’s getting smarter every day, are you?  

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