It’s time to be charmed! The third episode of Dendo-Denkido’s epic adventure visual novel Jiangshi x Daoshi: Laxy Hexers has just been released! Published worldwide by Fruitbat Factory, Jiangshi x Daoshi is an no-holds-barred story of jiangshi (Chinese vampires), daoshi (dao priests), assassins and immortals, told in a spectacularly animated visual novel format that has garnered critical acclaim.

Jiangshi x Daoshi Episode III – Lady Hexers continues the marvelous adventures of ex-assassin Luan and dao master Ling Ling!

Alongside Episode III’s release, the full game has been updated to support Simplified and Traditional Chinese in addition to English and Japanese.

A chance encounter with idol Taomi Nyanyan launches into action an avalanche of events culminating in a no-holds barred fight between assassins, youkai and dao masters!

Who is the mysterious mastermind pulling the strings? And when the dust settles, who will emerge victorious?


  • A thrilling story more than twice the length of episode 2!
  • Heart-stopping action!
  • Crazy animation!
  • A giant baby!

An uncut version of the game is available on in pay-what-you-want format! Episodes I+II can be played for free on Steam, with Episode III being now available for $9.99 as a DLC.

Certain graphics in the Steam version have been altered at Steam’s request, and a restoration patch to return the game to its original vision is available for download on the official homepage.


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