Roblox [SPOOKY!] KAT By Fierzaa update


Roblox [SPOOKY!] KAT By Fierzaa this game has had an update in the last few days there is not much Known about the November 17th update they are still promoting the Halloween update so these Items are mostly like still available, New Maps Taunts, pets, and the Hidden Halloween Knife there are bugfixes.


[SPOOKY!] KAT – Roblox NOVEMBER 2020 LATE HALLOWEEN UPDATE (10/11/2020) + New Gamemode, Murder! ★ + 3 New Maps! (Hospital, The Office, Studio) + A Hidden Exclusive Halloween Knife.. 🎃 + Many QoL Changes & Bugfixes. + New Taunts, Gear, Pets, and Knives! + Shotgun Revolver & Old Halloween Items are on-sale! .. and more! A big thank you to the awesome people that made this game possible: TrustMeImRussian, nettimato, Mii_BrawIer, GesaffeIstein, Rastamypasta, 2Hex, PastaFTW, Programmables and Locard!

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