Flatland Prologue is now available on Nintendo Switch!


QUByte Interactive, in partnership with Minimol Games, is pleased to announce that Flatland Prologue is now available for Nintendo eShop for 50% OFF.

Flatland: Prologue is a prequel to Flatland Vol.1.

Run as fast and precise as you can through Flatland, a minimalist neon-style world that is about to change forever. This is a fast-paced hardcore platformer with hand-crafted levels and challenges.

Key features:

  • Challenging, fast and fun gameplay;
  • Ramping up in difficulty from not-so-easy to soul crushing, Flatland: Prologue features hand-crafted levels with increasing challenges;
  • Lightning-fast respawns keep you in the flow even in more difficult levels;
  • Controls are simple and accessible but with several layers of depth to master.

Run, jump, die, learn, repeat.

You can watch a Gameplay clicking here

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