Kickstarter Chrono Sword is a pixel art action-adventure game with an incredible atmospheredeep combat, and an epic story. You will be Aenor – a time traveler and will travel the past and the present of the fallen world.

The world, all the characters, and effects are painted as gorgeous pixel art with dynamic lighting. Every character animations are so fluid in every direction. And the orchestral soundtracks let you immersive into the play.

The combat is based on attack, dodge, and shield like Dark Souls, is solid and intense. Meanwhile, it is also interactive with enemies and environment like The Last of Us, so you can fight like a skillful expert without memorizing a long skill list.

It usually takes a

You will be Aenor and will travel the past and the present of the fallen world. Your journey will be with charming colleagues, and your choice will make the change of story.

We hope to release Chrono Sword not only on Steam but also on all major consoles : SwitchPlaystation and Xbox, so that more players can play it. We have licenses for them, and experienced in launching games on them. Chrono Sword already tested on them.

Playtime of Chrono Sword will be about 20~30 hours for common players, at least 10 hours for expert souls-like gamers. There are 16 locations that you can travel in the past and also in the present. 17 epic boss battles are waiting for your challenge.

The estimated release date is November 2021 and the price will be USD 24.99 .


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