Zombie gamer doing the Viscious Bee Dance today yes we got our Bee woo

Live Game streaming ROBLOX

It Was A Wild Ride and a hard-fought battle but we finally got our Viscoius bee in Bee swarm Simulator on Roblox today I only had Once bee battle and I got all 9 stingers I think there was 2 of us on the servers very very quiet day and I got the been all on my own that was the most stinger I have seen from a single bee I can remember.

rather than finishing cool bee today to Level ten I got the Viscious bee up to level 6 this bee is a powerhouse with an attack of 11 it helps take down mobs in a blink which is good cause we wil need to get through plenty to get the gummy bee, now we only need one more bee yo get in level 35 up up and away.

Posted by Richard Dambrosi - Jadiri Gamer on Saturday, November 14, 2020

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