CoreGaming Roll 'em By WaveParadigm Competitive, Racing, ObstacleCourse, Roblox Hype Inc. is Recommending this Game On Manticore, Reminds us a lot od Meep Racing though it is very unique has it own way, raw Marbles one wooden Coarse, hang on the edge leap over your friend but Don't blink or its over that fast in this crazy race.

Roll 'em By WaveParadigm


Race marbles through a myriad of wooden courses. Teeter on the edge and hop over your friends in a frantic dash to reach the end first! Don't lose your marbles!


V1.0.108 - Nov 1, 2020

The tournament has closed!! Huge congratulations go to: 1st: Detrim 2nd: Ogamiss 3rd: BlueXans 4th: Vahyard 5th: debrebeuf01 6th: TheBronzeSword 7th: ChunkyFlow 8th: Chenzy 9th: Larguma 10th: NicholasForeman And a huge thank you to everyone who played!! Thanks for your enthusiasm about Roll 'em, and I'm looking forward to improving the game even more for you all. 😀


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