CoreGaming Mine Core V5.0 MMO RPG By Eskil Medival, Action, Adventure This Little game seems to have it all Action and Adventure in that Medieval setting. Farm your resources, Forge weapons Level up in Player vs Player they have a little of it all hear on Mine Core.

Mine Core V5.0 MMO RPG


A little world for farming resources, learn craft, craft weapons, leveling and let's PvP & PvE!
If you have any problems/questions/suggestions ask me on Discord : Eskil#3902

Have fun !


V1.0.91 - Nov 11, 2020

V5.0 - Remove halloween map/event - Add daily quest !! - Fix bugs - x3 EVENT ! V4.9 - Fix can rebirth on all zone - ADD DPS UI (display in inventory) - ADD LEVEL on scoreboard - ADD TITLES - Fix bugs - X3 EVENT END V4.8 - HALLOWEEN MAP - Add Halloween hat - Adjustable camera - Rework inventory system - Remove chest, anvil, rebirth (now all in inventory), temple, house - Change scoreboard and add global leaderboard - Improve script and fix bugs - X3 EVENT !!! V4.7 - Growth the kraken hitbox - Up attack speed for kraken sword - Fix bug for kraken chest - Up claw attack speed V4.6 - Add KRAKEN DUNGEON !! - Add Kraken sword - Add mythical claw - Up hitbox for unrivaled sword - Nerf heal vampiric sword - Fix bugs - X3 EVENT END V4.5 - Add azoth crossbow aim - Displayed the number of xp/ required xp for level up - Add moderator/helper menu - Add sword by Unrivaled Pride (contest) - EVENT x3 !!! V4.4 - Up speed attack for Azoth crossbow - Nerf vampiric sword - Add unequip skin button - Add tips text - Change vampiric helmet skin - Fix skin camera bug V4.3 - Fix mushroom boss don't stop + (fix edge for afk farm) - Add exp for azoth (need rebirth 1 for harvest) - Reduce value of azoth 80 to 50 - Heal staff don't heal enemy - Random chest system - New weapons (Azoth crossbow, Vampiric sword) - Add Vampiric helmet - Now can buy key function of your rebirth (+1 rebirth = +1 key slot) - X3 EVENT OFF V4.2 - Change faction disable - Rework all skin system - EVENT x3 !! V4.1 - Remove random color effect - Remove location UI - Fix screen texture - Move flying tree - Test remove all skins (only for 24h) - Optimize scripts V4.0 - 0.3 -> 2s for heal safe zone (100 hp per tick) - PvP Faction update ! (choose Brohk or Nalak) (this is V1) - New island - New resource (Azoth) - Change setting for daggers - Optimize resources harvest and cooldown 0.1 to 0.05. for harvest - If mushroom boss die, the boss spell stop (optimize system)


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