Roblox SHADOWSTORM! Ninja Legends By Scriptbloxian Studios


Roblox SHADOWSTORM! Ninja Legends By Scriptbloxian Studios they had an update just days Ago New Skills, New Belts Pet evolution Sky Blade Ledge and so much more are here if you only have time to check one game out this week Let it Be.

SHADOWSTORM! Ninja Legends


💨 Double-tap your jump button to Double Jump! (PC = Spacebar, Mobile = Jump Button, Xbox = ‘A’ Button)


  • 30 NEW Swords!
  • NEW ‘Inner Peace Island’ – Contains x30 Sell Area!
  • NEW ‘SHADOWSTORM’ Pet Evolution! Combine x30 DARK-ELEMENT to create one! x50 Stats of a DARK-ELEMENT! The most OP evolution on Roblox to date! Only Q-STRIKE+ Tier pets can become SHADOWSTORM!
  • NEW ‘Skyblade Legends’ Pet Pack! Find it in the Packs menu! Contains the most OP Pets on Roblox yet!
  • NEW ‘Skyblade’ Pet Tier!
  • NEW ‘Ultra Shockwave’ Pet Crystal! Contains a Skyblade!
  • 2 NEW RANKS!
  • New Belts!
  • New Skills
  • A new secret Pet Crystal has spawned! It’s not in a regular location! Only 0.000001% of Ninjas will find this Crystal!
  • Older Pack Pets can now be sold to free up inventory space!
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