We are very proud to announce our latest game “Desert Pirates”, a driving shooter game inspired by films like Mad Max, Cyborg, Death Race, and by spaceship roguelike games. 

About the game:
The gameplay objective is to lead a convoy through an endless desert, making hard choices on how to care for his followers (repair their cars, feed them), fighting for resources, and destroying enemy settlements in order to survive (driving and shooting).

The goal of the game is to make it as far as possible, as long as you can. The further the player gets, the more cars will be unlocked from the start, so they can replay the game with a larger convoy from the beginning, helping him to get even further, and to discover hidden surprises.

It usually takes a

This game is inspired by movies like Mad Max, Cyborg, Death Race, and by spaceship roguelike games. We took the post-apocalyptic scenario idea from the movies, plus some sci-fi concepts for our characters and vehicles. And from the roguelikes, we have replayability, collecting new cars and trying different convoy configurations every time you ride (including permadeath, switching weapons and systems, upgrades, car customization and procedurally generated areas).

Our uniquely distinctive gameplay feature in comparison to other combat car games is that, as a leader of a convoy, the player can give the order to “Stay together” – where all cars will follow his trail, or to “Split”, which means that every car goes into a search and destroy mode against enemy vehicles. Switching between these two modes can make a huge difference on your road to victory, and drives home the experience of being a leader.

There are a lot more things to learn about the game and its world. You will find more info at our development blog.


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