ManticoreGames Knights The Colony – MMORPG By LainChan Fantasy, Adventure


ManticoreGames Knights The Colony - MMORPG By LainChan Fantasy, Adventure, fight countless unique mobs, forces of the Undead opened a portal to our realm try your best to survive.

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Knights The Colony


V 1.0.30 features a major map, NPC and UI update. Leave us some feedback!

This MMORPG game is growing with each new update it gets. Discover and fight countless unique mobs like fire beeings, golems, angels, soldiers and bosses.

Some wars end, other starts… The King gave the order! All warriors, return home to the South Colony. Thinking the fight is over, you teleport trough the magic portal home, only to find it in danger!
The forces of the Undead opened a portal to our realm. The King & Queen called all able man to come and defend the Colony. After returning from the West battlefront, all thorn, bloody, tired and pennyless you try your best to survive, help your fellow villagers, soldiers, friends and foes…
Trough leveling up your charachter, finishing quests for different friends and foes you meet in the realms, slowly but surely you get a clearer picture of what is going on and the real peril ahead.
Determined to stop the new attacking forces you embark on a journey across the Colony, gathering crutial information, new armours and weapons which will help you defeat the legions of enemyes.
Your child memories of a calm and idilus place are slowly exchanged for violent enccounters, full of bandits, beast, monsters and mischifius individuals.

Stand up to the enemy!

Journey trough the wonderfull woods, desolate valleys, kingdoms, towns and villages to discover the story of the South Colony.

Play trough:

  • 60 quests with a storyline
  • Encounter 50+ unique NPCs, Pets, Bosses + 1 Ultimate boss
  • Equip 15+ unique armours
  • Yield 15+ unique weapons
  • Level up your charachter trough 25 levels
  • Learn Skills that will help you on your journey


V1.0.48 - Nov 7, 2020

V 1.0.44 - Fixed the Magic Staffs for PVP - Fixed PVP Leaderboard V 1.0.43 - fixed weird bug in ligting in tutorial room - added names to places on map V 1.0.42 - tutorial upgrade V 1.0.41 - optimized NPCs V 1.0.40 - fixed camera movement after interacting with UI V 1.0.38 - fixed the close button on the Leaderboard V 1.0.37 - Changed the nameplates look for players V 1.0.36 - NavMesh improvements V 1.0.35 - new map locations - 30 new mobs - new UI systems - new Leaderboard systems - Tutorial with nice rewards - much more....g V 1.0.29 - quest items are now outlined in red color for better visibility V 1.0.28 - fixed the issue where players could not interact with NPCs - fixed the issue where players could not kill NPCs V.1.0.26 - further speed optimizations V 1.0.20 - profiler enabled for optimization purposes V 1.0.19 - added a new map system with all Quest NPCs showing there - fixed day and night cycle (flickering in the night) - optimized the game; now it loads much faster - fixed the XP bug on the first load V 1.0.15 - added a few quest at lvl 9 for better flow V 1.0.14 - fixed the Barbar quest V 1.0.12 - fixed counting items in quests V 1.0.10 Added: - Auto loot all drop besides chests - those you still need to self pick up - Daily log in rewards - 30 new secrets revealing quests - new magic weapon V 1.0.8 Added: - there is a pet in game and hidden ultimate boss with faint hints towards it To report a bug: - Send a PM to @LainChan#2667 - Programer: Hani - His games: Uvo`s Escape: Chess with a Hani twist: Story telling: Fexelitche: Keeping it all together: LainChan - Thanks to the Alpha Testers for finding many bugs: My wife, VirusSan, Silly The game uses Morticais RPG Quest system from the game Heroborne and some elements from the CoreHaven game.

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