Bug Fables Update 1.1 Available on November 5th, 2020!

It’s been some time now since Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling was released on a plethora of platforms and players have been very active in voicing what they would like to see added and fixed in the game — and we have been listening.

After some secret development and rigorous testing, Moonsprout Games and DANGEN Entertainment are finally ready to unleash the FREE, much-wanted Update 1.1 for Bug Fables, featuring not only a cornucopia of tasty fixes, but also a set of new features that the community has been asking for. Here’s a rundown of the biggest additions players can expect to find in 1.1:

– Three new quests
– New bosses
– Quality of Life changes including: improved sprinting, faster cooking, the ability to purchase recipes
– Other Mysterious additions

Update 1.1 rolls out for all platforms on November 5th. Additionally, Bug Fables will be on sale for 30% off on the PS4 digital store from November 4th to November 20th in all regions.

Bug Fables Update 1.1 Press Kit
Bug Fables Update 1.1 Trailer

Update 1.1 Patch Notes:

+(PC ONLY) Added custom controller binding (In Settings, set ‘Use Controller’ to ‘CUSTOM BINDINGS’ then select the ‘Controller Bindings’ option).
+(PC ONLY) Added ‘Pause When Unfocused’ setting.
+(XBOX/PS4) Fixed achievements not triggering when doing boss rematches.
+Added a Hard Mode reward for the Final Boss (will be granted to Artys/Caravan when loading the file after the patch if you already beat it).
+Added some small bits of dialogue in the Final Boss fight to make it more obvious what to do.
+Added being able to speed up cooking animations by pressing the [Jump/Confirm] or [Use Field Skill] button.
+Added some indicators in the beehive for the balcony and factory entrances.
+Added Fortune Teller hints for some medals that were missing it.
+Added arrows on the corner of the screen during Wack-a-Worm minigame to say when there are worms offscreen.
+Added the ability to open the map from the main Pause Menu by pressing [HELP] (an icon will appear when it is possible).
+Added save prompts after some chapters.
+Added 3 new post game sidequests.
+Added more hints to the maze in Chapter 6.
+Added enemy defense counter if the enemy has been spied in their HP bar.
+Added Eternal Venom, Heal Plus, Quick Flea, Relay Transfer, Status Boost, Status Mirror, Spy Specs, Secure Pouch, Front Support and Back Support icons in battle.
+Added ability to rearrange Items/Key Items in the pause menu by holding [Show/Hide HUD] and pressing UP or DOWN.
+Added ability to select multiple items to store/take out with Amber or sell by pressing the [Show/Hide HUD] button in the item selection.
+Added a new NPC in Metal Island to help with recipes.
+Added “Swap Positions” option in Strategies, allowing two party members to swap in battle without changing the entire party (doesn’t work if someone has exausted all their turns for that round).
+Added clouds to Bugaria Outskirts and surrounding areas.
+Changed “Switch Party” Strategy setting to “Rotate Party”.
+Changed Kabbu’s Dash to continue forward until the [Jump/Confirm] or [Use Field Skill] button is pressed again or he hits a wall, and also to be able to cut grass (in Chapter 5 and forwards).
+Changed Kabbu’s Dash to be obtained at the start of Chapter 3 instead of Chapter 5 (but the ability to break rocks is only obtained in Chapter 5) (Will be granted automatically if you have lowered the bridge to Lost Sands and completed Chapter 2 in the file).


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