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FANDOM FARE Live Game streaming ROBLOX

Fandomfare Kids Gaming will be starting streams on Facebook daily while Continuing with Twitch in the Evening hoping to build the following on twitch we are Just not building the Followers we have on Facebook after over 2 years we have over 1000 Follower on Facebook and still under 300 on on twitch and the views pre hour during the stream are very much lacking what we think we should have.

we will still be having Games New Talk on Twitch most evenings, please check our Merch and Tips page and support Team Roblox Hype Inc, with your Input in Chat and Joining us in-game we are watching even if we don't respond right away we don't have a two or three monitor set up we are Normal family who streams our Gameplay with all.

Keep watching Lota More Roblox to Come this fall and Among us too there is a new Alpha among us in testing and we will most likely be giving this a goo too very soon.

Let me tell you about the Birds and the bees Flowers and trees Let's talk about getting the Mondo Chick wow Wild day Started Loaded with Lag we had Mondon Chick, Vicious bee attack, and Stick bug Challenge at the same time it doesn't get crazier than that. Check out Bubble Gum Simulator

Zombie Gamer Most Bee Simulator We are excited to Ramp up our Efforts Lets get them Gum Drops and Stinger now Yesss we went with another Round we are working hard to Get the gun drop and vicious bee we are raking in the honey for sure and we are just over 100 Stinger away from the vicious bee. Look into this great game on MNTICOREgAMES Tower Of Falling 

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