ManticoreGames District 7 By XRStudio Scifi, Urban, Cyberpunk Roblox Hype Inc Recommend Bring your Friend This one is the multiplayer, city is on lockdown while riots and chaos ensue. Sounds Familiar already somehow But can't put my finger on it action-packed Cyberpunk Deathmatch this one says Kill or Be Killed.


In a Dystopian Future, not so far, far away. District 7 of the city is on lockdown while riots and chaos ensue. It's everybody for themselves until law and order are restored. This is a kill or be killed action-packed Cyberpunk Deathmatch Game. Players can toggle between First Person and Third Person viewpoints.

This Game is a fusion of a Deathmath game and an immersive environmental build to explore. More is on the way. Keep checking back for updates.


V1.0.18 - Oct 31, 2020

10/30/2020 District Major Audio/VFX update making the city feel more alive. New Steam Alley, Electrical Power Station, Budget Apartment updates and more. BBQ Grills on Balcony, Barking Dogs, chain link fence sounds on collision. Ehancement to the Gateways (in lockdown mode) into the District. This release also is the first round of new optimizations to the game. More on the way. Keep checking back for more updates. 10/25/2020 Alley update (a number of updates) 10/20/2020 City Park update - floating sci-fi platforms with trees and greenery, more updates to come in the future. 10/20/2020 Sound FX update. Reverb in the city. Street Music with Club Facade. Tweaks to Emissive light from car. Variety of subtle visual and audios. 10/19/2020 Update: [ Budget Apartment Complex mayhem ] The shopping district has more vertical map action with this update. Catwalk, Balcony, sniper spots from windows, stairs and elevator. More Leaderboards added in various places. Updated some store facades in the shopping district. Added a new balcony platform in the shopping district for more vertical play action. Previous Updates: More assets in the Streets in the old shopping district. New Sniper rifles with scopes that work in first and third person. This update is in addition to previous updates that addressed a number of bugs/issues. More updates are on the way.


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