Fandomfare Kids Gaming Needs your Input Facebook or Twitch

FANDOM FARE Live Game streaming ROBLOX

Wow, This is Crazy the difference in Support for our streams between Facebook and Twitch. Facebook 143 organic Views of out Stream for an hour-long stream Twitch 8 views for a near 3-hour steam help us guts its CLear unless we see far more support and followers on Twitch our stream is going to Fail.

we don't mind now and again having a bad day where we get less Reach in something we dot to just have the same 5 or six views after the live streams over every day is disheartening to Give us some input I mean we don't even need a mic on on Facebook just played to Music Facebook offer for its creators use in their streams/

Zombie Gamer Let us go Hive hopping with Bee swarm Simulator, wow it was a wild day in the simulator this morning so many vicious bees I couldn't get to the stick bug perch but someone did that is more profit on a good day then the Mondo and I had that up 3 times in our run this morning you might like to Check out Brawl Stars on Roblox

Zombie Gamer Roblox Ghost Simulator getting Stronger for the final Battle yes unless more is added to the game pretty quick we are preparing for the last and Final Bosses battle other than events in ghosts Simulator were hoping there is more how about you. If you Like this one check out this Universal Time

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