Drilly Willis Developer Confirms Linux Release


Private Pook Games has confirmed that Drilly Willis will have a Linux build available on Steam the same day as Windows and macOS.
Linux users always seem to get left out of game releases,” Grosso said, “so when I started getting questions about a Linux release, I felt like I owed it to them. It’s worth the effort to put a build together.”
Drilly Willis is described as “Metroidvania meets Regular Show and Adventure Time”, where the titular hero is a guitarist who drills enemies with their drill-for-a-head and jams song that grant special powers.
Drilly Willis releases on Steam next week on November 9th.

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  • Drill your enemies with a one-of-a-kind drillhead weapon!
  • Jam songs on your guitar to grant special powers and abilities!
  • Explore an interconnected world of bizarre creatures!
  • Expansive upgrade system! Power up your drillhead, screw shooter, and guitar chops!
  • Seek out new weapons and items to unlock new locations!
  • Fight your way out of a bizarre world!
  • Interact with living musical instruments all with their own unique tales to tell!
  • Powerful soundtrack of original tunes written and performed by the developer!
  • A warped mixture of Metroid, Regular Show, and Bill & Ted!
  • Over 30 in-game achievements to earn!
  • A wacky cast of gender-neutral characters!

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