National Diabetes Awareness Month (NDAM) started yesterday and JDRF, the leading global organization funding type 1 diabetes (T1D) research, marked the occasion by releasing a video game!
JDRF One World is a virtual world, built on the popular online game platform Roblox, where people with or without T1D can gather, play together, and learn about this autoimmune disease that affects up to 38 million people worldwide.
Game page:
JDRF One Walk arch in JDRF One World

Built in collaboration with developer MelonDev, JDRF One World currently features an interactive JDRF One Walk® experience complete with walking track, information tents, six minigames, and virtual prizes.

Team up with friends to run through a Fall Guys-style parkour course, make your way through a timed maze, find all the items in a scavenger hunt, compete in a T1D-themed trivia game, and more! Win all the minigames to gain access to the V1P tent where a dance party with special guests from the diabetes world awaits.
Insulin tent in JDRF One World

JDRF One World was built to fill a void caused when COVID-19 required the cancellation of traditional in-person fundraisers and community events. It officially launched yesterday as part of JDRF’s reimagined JDRF One Walk celebration, with more than 58k visits so far. The game will stay online indefinitely and will have new content added over time.

Whether you have type 1 diabetes yourself, have a friend or family connection to the disease, or just want to have fun and learn about T1D, JDRF One World is a family-friendly game open to all. Please view the JDRF One World FAQ to learn more.

Other video game fundraisers happening in November:

  • NDAM Livestream Fundraiser: The JDRF Game2Give community, made up of gamers and content creators with T1D connections, will attempt to raise $20,000 through charity streams on Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube, while also raising T1D awareness and sharing their personal experiences. Charity streams will take place all month with a focus on the weekend of November 21-22. To take part as a streamer, tune in as a viewer, or make a donation, visit JDRF’s NDAM event page on Tiltify.
  • Humble Bundle Featured Charity: From Friday, November 6 through Thursday, December 3, a percentage of all purchases made at will be donated to JDRF in honor of National Diabetes Awareness Month.
  • WGT Golf Tournament: The week of November 14-21, the free-to-play online golf game World Golf Tour will host a public tournament for JDRF, set at its Pebble Beach golf course.

If you’re in the game industry and have a T1D connection, we would love to hear from you! Drop us a line at [email protected].


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