The Gaming Goes on as another month moves to the Sunset

FANDOM FARE Live Game streaming ROBLOX

The Games Just Keep Going at Roblox Hype Inc it been an Interesting 2 Day here for us Halloween is over we Are getting ready to Shift gears and Head into the Holidays Season you will start noticing dome Changes bit by bit over the next weeks.

you Could Start to NOtice more Music on Fandomfare Kids than you have in the past as well we are looking an away to offer some type of series on gaming news updates in our streams possibly Regular game talk and Question show if we can drum up the Interest for it we may test the Idea On Facebook follower there seem far more responsive and willing to get involved.

Roblox Hype Inc.Roblox Bee Swarm simulator the hunt for a vicious bee te we are going to get our bee soon were hoping wow Big day several bee attacks we are up to 84 Stinger now the goal is 250 now our goal getting bees to level 10 this one could take more than a day im sure.. you might like to try Roblox Coins Hero Simulator

Zombie Gamer Roblox Ghost Simulator Here I come, well we got through the Parkour in Reverse city that had us stuck earlier last week and stated on our way to getting Item to unlock the HG, we are having a bit of stormy weather hear this afternoon that seems to be causing network issues do we cut out-stream a bit short as we start clearly skipping too many frames. you might also like Hotel Stories on Roblox

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