ManticoreGames Forgotten Cisterns By Keppu Multiplayer, Action, Fantasy, Get initiated into the Heroes Guild, Earn the way up Fight enemies, level up, loot gold, This is a Small Slice of what could become a larger Project.

Forgotten Cisterns By Keppu


Get initiated into the Heroes Guild and earn your way up to being a full member. You are tasked with a mundane task that reveals something more serious..

Fight enemies, level up, loot gold, upgrade gear and face boss challenge together with your party. The game length is around 20-30 minutes and it's best enjoyed with a party, so invite friends (or strangers) to join you on your quest!

The game is meant to be a vertical slice of what could some day be a full length campaign. [DnD] contest submission for Dungeons, Caves, and Catacombs category.


V1.0.9 - Oct 24, 2020

  • Loot now destructs after 30 seconds
  • Corehaven portal is now online


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