Halloween is upon us We are continuing our Update FOr our Spooktastic Halloween collection the update is coming faster than a rain now so many games on Roblox. hype inc fandomfare kids we are having a social distant Halloween with a Haunted pinata for the kids rather than trick or treating we have a few plans for streams over the weekend if we have time to get them all in is another question.

we haop you will Join us for some of the fun on Roblox and watching along with us all overthis weekend.

Zombie Gamer Bee Swarm Simulator Let go make some honey my money well at first I didn't think it was going to be a very productive Day however that was proven wrong in several ways fast between the mondo battle Honey earned and the vicious bee today was my most productive in weeks for the game you may also like Corridor of Hell

Zombie Gamer Roblox Zombie Rush New at this was gonna give this Halloween event a try, this was an exciting game for sure we will keep up after Halloween and see how it goes we also did a little Ghost simulator got stuck on the Obby in the reverse city but we will get that obby. if you enjoyed this game you might like World Zero By RedManta Project 3


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