The Crazy Elevator By Derpie Studios Roblox Hype INC Recommending this game the full of positive comments and reviews, Crazy, unpredictable, full of Supries if this sounds like you this could be your game.


Welcome to The Crazy Elevator! [Ver 2.3]
A game like Gmod’s Elevator Source

Total Floors: 39

It usually takes a

-Each floor is unpredictable and CRAZY!
-Great Surprises!
-Co-op floors!
-Many Crazy varieties of floors!

Basic Animations:
/e cough
/e checkwatch
/e clap

Are you a youtuber and looking for a great video?
Play this! It’s great for videos with laughs and surprises!

Flood Escape

Flood Escape resembles the actual game Flood Escape with buttons, instant death if you touch water, and it also helps you get back to the elevator instead of the next level.

It’s muffin time

They will play a song called It’s muffin time. It can be found in RoomieOfficial’s channel. One random player will get turned into a muffin after the floor ends.

​​Gladiator Arena

When reaching this floor, a gladiator will approach the elevator door and choose 2 random competitors. The winner will get the Gladiator badge.


In this floor, all you see is a mirror. T-shirts, Gear, etc. will be invisible in the mirror.

​Fake Mustaches

This floor features a stand with two people with a fake mustache face carrying a Fake Mustache sign. One random player will get both the sign and face of the two people on this floor. Clicking with the sign plays a crowd sound effect.

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