PROP HUNT The ApoCoreLypse BY Buckmonster Action, PostApocalyptic, Lastmanstanding ManticoreGames Roblox Hype Inc is adding this one to that must check out the list. if you're into on the edge of your seat action this is the one for you, Hide and survive, create clones of yourself throw a flashbang.


Welcome to META Prop Hunt: The Apocorelypse!

HUNTERS: After props hide, find and destroy them. Listen for whistles from the props every 35 seconds (whistle timer to the right of round timer)

PROPS: Hide and survive! You have 1 egg to turn a hunter into a chicken and flash bangs on a cooldown. You can also create clones of yourself and change to a random prop 3 times per round.


  • Shift to Sprint


  • C to leave a clone (x 3)
  • R to change to a different prop (x 3)
  • F to throw and egg and chickify at Hunter (x 1)
  • G to throw a flash bang and blind a hunter (cooldown, unlimited)


  • 1,2,3 weapons
  • G to throw a grenade (x 2)


V1.0.12 - Aug 20, 2020


  • Temp chickens costumes until they unbreak the og
  • Reset game when last active team player leaves
  • UI Improvements
  • Whistle/Props Alive fixed


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