NYAF is a beautiful, hand-painted, hidden object game. We added several options and aspects to try to have a very enjoyable and relaxing experience while choosing fantastic music to complete the experience, like a full automatic save, meaning you can quit at any time without losing your progress, ideal for a quick relaxing session! The sounds in NYAF have been recorded by professional voice-over artists - just joking - by my son, his friend and myself, and we pushed a lot of fun things there, in 3 different languages! Every character has his own sound.
And NYAF is also 4 games in one! NYAF, MMPG, YANYAF and the secret one! Play NYAF to unlock the other games, 2 will get unlocked by progressing in it, for the last one you need to find the secrets.

It usually takes a

  • NYAF - find the hidden and less hidden characters on handpainted backgrounds.
    By default, the game is made to be relaxing but not too easy, but you can select between 8 levels of difficulties, from Very Easy to Hellish. The hidden characters are also transparent initially, you get some help for finding the 6 last characters, and you can switch all that off if you want the game to be harder.
    By playing you get some coins that you can use to buy 2 dogs that help you find the characters. You don't need to buy them!
    Finally, there might be some more things to find... And you won't get any help for them, they are really secret!
  • MMPG - battle the opponent in this massive minimalist fight game.
    You unlock units by playing the other games. Will you find how to get the bombs? Will you get a hero?
    Your units are placed automatically for you. But you can always erase them to place them at another place. And it is probably a good idea if you are stuck! You can use brute force - get more and more units - or try to go as far as possible being a strategist. Once a level has been won, you can unlock it: place as many units as you wish, just for fun!
  • YANYAF - find the small symbols in an infinity of generated backgrounds. No goal, no ending (actually one ending!), just for those that want a challenge looking for these tiny symbols. The generated extension of NYAF.
  • Secret Game - What is this bell doing here?

And can you find the other secrets? Will you be able to fully finish Nyaf and its bonus games?

The backgrounds and the characters of NYAF are all handpainted and unique, some scanned from 1 by 1 meters canvas, from the artist Sébastien Lesage. The originals on canvas glow in the dark, thus the light green colour.

The pieces of music are from several great musicians, Chris Huelsbeck, Chan Redfield, Chris Collins, LiQWYD, Alexander Nakarada, and have been selected to match the current stage/game. Most of the pieces can be bought from their authors. And I thank them and Groupee for offering such great royalty-free pieces.


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