LINE Games Corporation announced that its mobile RPG Exos Heroes is bringing an all-new Raid content and free 77 draw event to celebrate Halloween 2020. The new update also includes the latest Season 2 episode ‘Chapter 13: Cause and Effect’, as well as major convenience improvements to meet players’ frequent requests.

Halloween Quantum Raid and free 77 Recruits
From October 29 to November 19, Exos Heroes will carry out a handful of festive Halloween events including Halloween-special free 77 Recruits, in which players can free Recruit 11 Heroes daily for 7 days.

Starting with Halloween, ‘Quantum Raid’ involving series of monster waves will join Exos Heroes’ list of seasonal raids. The new raid consists of various stages and difficulties, and players can collect rewards based on their rank scores. Each Quantum Raid will run for two weeks, introducing new balance and type-based strategy through updates to keep players engaged.

Also, Exos Heroes will have Halloween Hot Time Event run from October 31 to November 9, so players can also enjoy increased amount of daily dungeon rewards, and replace Heroes’ equipment at no cost.

New Season 2 episode: Chapter 13. Cause and Effect
As soon as Zeon regains consciousness with the help from JinaiZeon sets out to find his colleagues. Check out the new episode from Season 2 to find out whether Zeon manages to escape from the great hunt down led by Brunn’s great matriarch Neomi.

To all players clearing the episode to the end, a new five-star Hero Awakened Zeon will be given a reward.

Convenience Updates
With today’s update, Exos Heroes introduces ‘Air Squadron Hideout’, a real-time Air Squadron community feature that has been frequently requested by players

At the Hideout, Air Squadron members can communicate with each other in real-time. What’s more, members can get additional Attack/Defense/HP buffs for Air Squadron Battle, and damage boost for Air Squadron Raid by interacting with various objects in the Hideout.

To make the gameplay more convenient, Quick Battle function has been set as the default play speed for every Daily Dungeon. Players can run the content in Quick Battle mode without going into settings.


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