etermax, the international technology company creator of global hits such as Trivia Crack and Word Crack, announces spooky treats on and Trivia Crack 2 and customized brand-new Trivia Cars, from terrifying artwork and characters to seasonal trivia, for players to get in the Halloween spirit and join the fun directly from their homes. Also, Triviatopia animated series presents its Halloween episode for the little ones at home.

Halloween Rules
This Halloween, Trivia Crack, Trivia Crack 2 and Trivia Cars dressed up for the scariest night of the year complete with spooky icons, terrifying splash artworks, and Halloween characters – from witches and vampires to ghosts and zombies.
Trivia Crack has a Halloween edition of Classic League awaiting the users who dare to defy the spooky league. To receive their haunted reward, users play games in classic mode and compete against other players until the time is up. While Trivia Crack 2 has a creepy background music, a Halloween dashboard, and a Day of the Dead Takeover, to commemorate the Mexican holiday.
As a treat for the brave gamers, both titles are offering hair-raising promos, up to 70% discount on the in-app store.
For the children, Triviatopia animated series, based on Trivia Crack characters presents its Halloween episode to learn more about this special date.
How much do you really know about Halloween?
To test players’ knowledge on Spooky Season, etermax offers limited-edition Halloween Triviatopics, such as Double double toil and troubleHalloween TV & SeriesThe Art of HorrorMonsters, and more.
For example, do you know what is the name given to artistically decorated pumpkins at Halloween? Or what do the Halloween colors black and orange signify? What about how does the Halloween saying “trick or treat smell my feet give me something…” end?
To help the little ones at home learn more about this spooky season, Triviatopia animated series features an special episode of Halloween, where the lovable and quirky friends based on the Trivia Crack categories will find out when and why Halloween started, how have we started to come up with such exotic decorations for our homes, and more!
The Trivia Crack family of mobile games are available worldwide for free on Android and iOS in over 34 languages, with over 500 million downloads worldwide and 150 million active users per year.
Download the spooky Trivia Crack franchise media kit here.
Check out the spooky Trivia Crack franchise trailer here.


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