Manticore Games SENTRY CRATER BY estlogic Scifi, Action, Deathmatch, Roblox Hype INC Introducing Core Gamings SENTRY CRATER A Scfi Action-packed Deathmatch Type Game.powerful superweapon, control of the beast, take control.


The conflict started when Team Nemesis found a powerful superweapon known as the Sentry buried within their mining facility. Team Nemesis wanted to hack into the Sentry’s systems and take control of the beast, but Team Spec-Ops managed to locate their facility before Team Nemesis had the chance. Now the two teams are locked in a deadly power struggle! In order to complete their objectives, the teams need to take control of the facility, and that requires completely eliminating the opposing team!

Team Nemesis: "Team Spec-Ops have found the digging site! Protect the Sentry at all costs!"

Team Spec-Ops: "Team Nemesis has found the Sentry superweapon, we must not let them activate it!"

Little did they know that the Sentry has other plans….

The following Community Content pieces were used in the making of this game:

“Chiar that you can sit in” by Aj
“Multi-Directional Dash” by Aj
“META Player Titles” by TeamMETA
“Computer Servers” by MrDrRobotoMan
“Flickering Light” by Nezhul (logic from standardcombo)
“Ease3D” by NicholasForeman (did not make it to final game, but it was used in the WIP version)
“ammo crate” by togagames
“medium ammo box” by togagames
“resupply cabinet” by togagames
“Outlined Nameplates” by WaverParadigm (now replaced by "META Player Titles" by TeamMETA)


V1.0.7 - Oct 25, 2020


  • Added to the loadout system. With this update, players can press [V] while at the team base to change loadout. For now, players can only swap between 3 different weapons and now 3 different jetpacks.


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