Roblox [NEW!] Wing Simulator By Virtual Block Studio updated


Roblox [NEW!] Wing Simulator By Virtual Block Studio updated, THis Game Is showing off it shiny new update to all Foblox Hype has not played this one however classic Roblox simulator, Click COllect feather Sell and upgrade challenge your self-challenge a friend to see who can get the high level.

there is Codes Check these codes they are active and valuable all there codes are active the game is fair new.

  • SPECIALCODE40: Submit the code and get 100 free coins as reward.
  • Release2020: Submit the code and get 50 free coins as reward.


👁️‍🗨️How To Play👁️‍🗨️
🖱️Click / Tap to earn feathers.
💸Sell feathers for money.
💰Spend money on upgrades.
🦘Double press jump to multi jump.
☁️See how high you can go!
😄Have Fun!

Possible Future Updates:
🏝️6 More Areas!
More wings!
More Halos!
And more!

🖥️loterman23 & fm_trick
🛠️Kavelleri, Jockcurt & SwiftBraze

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