Manticoregames Run 24 - Speed Simulator By Morticai Racing, Running, Scifi Roblox Hype is Recommending this Game and Creator if you have watched one of our Resent Streams of Manticoregames this is one of the games we enjoy a lot Check out there Halloween Event From Now till November 1st add it to that spooktastic Halloween list you won't regret it. [


As you run and collect various pickups throughout the map, you level up to increase your speed and jump height.

Collect coins to unlock different apperance items in the shop.

Opt-in to compete against your friends and win races for more rewards or stay in the lobby map to continue growing your character.

This is the intial launch of the game, so if you experience any bugs or have feedback please message Morticai#0001 on Discord, thank you!

Map art: Mucusinator
Cover art: AwkwardGameDev
Coding & Development: Morticai

Special Thanks:
Dracowolfie -Cat hat, Eye hat
AwkwardGameDev - Giant Madhatter
Togagames - Hard hat
Flex - Cowboy hat
Mangoboy - Mango head
Top hat - StandardCombo
Bush Head, Bone Head - carmelgames
Sombrero - Scual
Devil Duck - Marious


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