ManticoreGames Hazard Pay - Death Run By Mortici Action, Racing, Platformer, Roblox Hype INC If you like Action games this maybe just what you have been looking for, Action Racing Running, get revenge on the hunter

Hazard Pay - Death Run


Runners - Race against others, to avoid traps set by the hunter in this action packed Death Run. Make it to the end without getting hit by a trap and get revenge on the hunter.
Hunters - Trigger various traps, to stop anyone from making it to you in time, how long can you fend off the runners?

--Created By:
Mucusinator - Artist
Morticai - Progammer & Design

Special Thanks:
NicholasForeman - Simple Spectator Camera
Dracowolfie -Cat hat, Eye hat
AwkwardGameDev - Giant Madhatter
Togagames - Hard hat
Flex - Cowboy hat
Mangoboy - Mango head
Top hat - StandardCombo
Bush Head, Skull Head - carmelgames
Sombrero - Scual


V1.0.33 - Oct 13, 2020

--Daily Login Rewards
--V1.1 Buy Menu


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