Manticore [DnD] Fairy’s Debt By PunkerellaSummers RPG, Adventure


Manticore [DnD] Fairy's Debt By PunkerellaSummers RPG, Adventure, Roblox Hype INC has Not played this One Yet we think it is worthy of Trying by the Creators of Trick or Treat Town It has to be QUality game. played one prank too many on the Dungeon Master, monster packed Fight enemies, complete quests.

[DnD] Fairy's Debt By PunkerellaSummers


Welcome to Fairy's Debt!

The fairy running the tavern has played one prank too many on the Dungeon Master. They are in a lot of debt and need your help to pay it off.

Experience this adventure from the perspective of your miniatures as you fight through several monster packed areas. Fight enemies, complete quests, break pots, gather resources and test your fate with the Dungeon Master's 20 sided die!

  • 13 repeatable quests
  • 7 unique monster miniatures
  • 3 powerful boss miniatures
  • 3 dungeons to explore
  • 3 Dice of Fate, each with their own set of rewards and punishments
  • 7 unique unlockable costumes
  • Breakable pots!

Sorry if it's unpolished, we are still optimizing, balancing, and bug fixing. We only found the contest 9 days ago, lol.
Code & Animation by Booradley, Art & Design by PunkerellaSummers

Category: Dungeons, Caves, and Catacombs


V1.0.12 - Sep 12, 2020

Bug fixes and balance tweaks:

-Fixed the "stuck sitting" bug
-Fixed dice being "confused" about which dice you were rolling
-Fixed sewer dice reset
-Fixed dice reward no happening on death
-Fixed broken quests
-Crossbow can now break pots :p
-Minor UI tweaks

-Lowered fairy's debt and upped rewards from bosses and quests.
-Made the early enemies (slimes) do less damage to help new players
-Lowered quotas on some kill/collection quests

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