Harvest Town 2.0:New Features and Coming Soon to iOS


Having racked up over 3 million downloads on Google Play, Harvest Town recently announced that it will launch the version 2.0 on Android at the end of October and is heading to iOS next month.

Harvest Town is a pixel-style farming simulation mobile game that has various ways of playing. Not only can players live out a realistic farm life such as breeding a variety of animals and infusing crops of different seasons, they can also enjoy gratifying experiences with free exploration.

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Focusing on providing game players with a better experience on creating their own Harvest world, this new update will introduce a plethora of new content including Recruitment, Dating, and more.

【Hire Helpers and Earn More】
One of the new features is the brand-new recruitment system. With only two bottles of milk, you can hire helpers and free your hands from logging and mining. You can also adjust the working time to maximize profits.

【Special Skills, Becoming a Farming Expert 】
Version 2.0 will offer 8 new skills including farm, log, fish, mine, battle, breed, pickup, and cook.

Players can choose different growth routes, and there will be 3 options for each skill. The improvement of different options will provides different add-ups on the resources. 

【Romantic Dating and Sweet Love Story】
Farming won't be the only activity to enjoy. As you complete a certain fondness, you'll unlock captivating characters to date in different scenes and trigger random romantic dating plots. The twinkling seaside, a mysterious gift from Lee Yau, love letters from Elly, all of this will create the exclusive romantic memories for you.

To create a better player experience, several optimizations will also be made to the game, such as the new UI design and the new NPC’s facial expression.

This update will also add the Story Review and Automatic Route Finding features that have been frequently requested by players.

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