FandomFare Kids Gaming Exploring the Spooktastic Updates pouring out this week


FandomFare Kids Gaming Exploring the Spooktastic Updates pouring out this week Zombie Gamer Roblox Ghost simulator hoping to beat this boss battle so far 2 losses, we are going to Have to Wait till this Event has a large group and hope many go in the boss battle there is just too many attacks on the ghost hunter, not enough help and I have not even seen the Frankie boss as of yet in 6 visits not sure why these ghosts hit me so hard every time they just all hit at the same time.

Sorry, we bailed do quick Stream labs was having an Issue skipping to many frames we cleared the cache and reconnected hoping that clears the issue for us, maybe our internet is having a problem.

Zombie Gamer Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator WHere are those Viscious bees, well we finally Got some Vicious bee attack and got some stingers we will get that bee sooner or later. Sorry to the person in CHat while we were playing we cant always look at chat while we stream and play we stream only one monitor and sight impaired I am so even if it showed in-game I could not see it on the tiny monitor,

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so yes we do watch chat off and on mainly we Live game stream we would love to say hi to all as they join the channel but it is not possible to use the keyboard to game and type in the same machine unfollow if you feel you must but we entertain by playing games Reviewing on our website Stop in the game and say hi Roblox is free to play join the fun be a part of the entertainment. It's funny cause when we host our game talk Streams no one comes and watches or messages in chat or on discord or Roblox forum.

I don't use a webcam and I am a 60-year-old guy who is half-blind has no teeth, not your girl so there isn't a lot to see here when Zombie gamer is playing. and the kids are at school the Kid Ages 4 , 8, and 11 years old make a whole lot more noise playing then I do

we are working hard to do better however no matter how hard we try we are still only a single income family Live Game Streaming we stream on Plap Top one monitor and a mouse we play Roblox action games they don't stay action and adventure unless we are on Roblox playing them games there are hours we stream when there is just a single person we have a room full of the laptop but still only one person. we run basic family gameplay we don't have massive GPUs and multiple monitors and such Family social DIstance gaming is not a business with deep pocket backers we have a single person who goes out and works for that matter is lost there job at the moment just doing our best to keep kids and grandkids busy in the age of covid ina lockdown. everyone loves to play Roblox they over to turn the TV on and see themselves on TV Doesn't everyone. thanks for your support and for following and watching.

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