Roblox Hype INC. Haunted Halloween Sunday Game Play Zombie Gamer Having a Spooktastic Time Pumpkin Carving Simulator, well this was a good day we moved up to the green pumpkin Feildd and Got the next Level carving tool, the game Tried to glitch on us and we even managed to find a way to cover come this. if you like this Check out Paranormica ALPHA 0.4.0

Mr. Plays confronts CORE Gaming yet again We are finding Manticore has some really nice games, Some are sort of copies from Roblox but most of them are very different and unique, the play is a lot like Roblox but in some ways, the game in this alpha version is far neater and smooth our WIsh is that their summaries were More Complete and the developer would get more information about themselves with Twitter Links that keep updates on the games

we Played Tick or Treat Town on ManticordGame did a review on this ine yesterday this is a fun game Trick or Treat your Friends and Heiborbor COllect candy TP and Egg your Friend and Neighbor Classic Teen Halloween Fun.

ManticoreGames could use a game Wiki as well this I think is a really good idea we don't have the time to build a Wiki with everything else we are into but im sure this will soon be a site getting crazy hots and Core gaming expands and move to Open beta I cant see that not happening. If you liked the Manticore Games we played you might like this. Battle Tendency on Manticoregames

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