Manticoregames Battle Tendency By marzipan Escort, Assult, Deathmatch, This is One of the many we streamed today that we really enjoyed this one, Remind us of a lot of Games Like Paladins Get the Move the cargo to the finish or die trying. 7 heroes to choose from, each of which has unique abilities and weapons. this is a great action game that keeps you Engaged

Battle Tendency


The game is in early alpha mode, we welcome any feedback and suggestions. We will create it together with you

Made by Marcepan, Airwaysf, Pentacorn for AoC contest and all community
You have to accompany or defend the cargo in the game. There are 7 heroes to choose from, each of which has unique abilities and weapons.

You can change the hero at any time of the match at your base. To win, the team carrying the cargo needs to deliver it from the enemy base to its own, and the defending team must not allow this for 8 minutes. An important feature is teamplay, almost all heroes have abilities that affect allies

(Healing, Naki's shield). The players will have to think about the strategy of defense and assault to win.

You can press the F1 key at any time to display help about your current hero and his abilities.

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